Jonathan Menager
Who am I?
I am a digital marketer and social media manager working in the entertainment, tech startup industry in Los Angeles, CA. I am currently employed at Fullscreen in Playa Vista, CA in a senior role as one of their Account Managers spending my days leading and empowering my team to provide social-first soulutions to a variety of entertainment studios. I specialize in innovative, Gen-Z digital marketing activations and previously headed up AT&T's "Hello Lab" content creator series and the Webby Award-winning YouTube series, @SummerBreak.

For a taste of what I do on social media for clients and some of the creative direction I've given to my team of designers, browse my portfolio below. I have assisted in helping to brand a number of different clients online including a number of CPGs, athletes, and celebrities.
Tons Of Experience
I have knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, social media marketing, digital advertising, operations management and the Wordpress CMS.

At my previous agency, I climbed the ladder from Community Manager to Lead Digital Strategist and Social Media Director for the company. I then assumed the role of Account Manager at my current agency and began working on one of their largest accounts in a client-facing capacity to help facilitate communication and creative vision.

Brief work history is below. For a more detailed list of my experience as well as recommendations from colleagues, head to my LinkedIn profile.

for work history, grab my resume:


Social Media


  • News Release

    News Release

    During my time at Tehama Group Communications, one of my clients was the Graduation Initiative at Chico State. Among other things, I was tasked with creating a new release for the committee to be able to send to local area publications.

  • Garrett Feature

    Garrett Feature

    Feature article I wrote about GRAPPPLE CEO for my Writing for Public Relations course taken spring of 2012. Similar to my Nathan Mock story, this story centers around the company’s CEO instead of lead designer.

  • PR Strategic Planbook

    PR Strategic Planbook

    In fall of 2012, I helped create an all-inclusive public relations campaign for a local-area nonprofit organization, North Valley Animal Disaster Group (NVADG). I assisted the account lead in guiding a team of five through a comprehensive research and evaluation process which ultimately pointed us in the direction of the public relations campaign we designed. Together, we created a list of goals and objectives in order to boost NVADG’s volunteer involvement backed by primary research.

  • GRAPPPLE Feature

    GRAPPPLE Feature

    A feature article written about Nathan Mock, a young entrepreneurial iOS developer who worked part-time during college designing and creating an iOS app called GRAPPPLE in San Luis Obispo.

  • DigitallyApproved Blog

    DigitallyApproved Blog

    During my time at Fanscape, I wrote a number of pieces for agency blog DigitallyApproved. This particular piece is a summary of Google’s e-bookstore launch. This was co-authored with Fanscape founder Larry Weintraub.

  • COMM Newsletter

    COMM Newsletter

    During my time working as an assistant account executive at Tehama Group Communications, we were responsible for the College of Communication’s alumni newsletter. I had a total of four stories in the Fall 2012 issue.


Social Media is BAE, Make Sure to Approach It With LOVE

Sorry guys, I had to, but don’t worry, it’s just an acronym.

While I do spend the majority of my time lovingly doting over a number of client accounts online so much that it seems like social media is could literally be “bae,” and much like your “bae,” social media can be an incredible force to reckon with, it’s also something that’s Becoming Absolutely Essential. As challenging as social media is and regardless of whether or not you’re active on your own social media channels on a personal level, your business or brand HAS to be. PERIOD.

I’ll never understand why, at this day and age, brands and companies are either hardly active online, or avoiding it all together. If you’re looking for tips on how to approach your social engagement and overall strategy, this acronym should help you remember.


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When It Comes to Content, Divide and Conquer

Content strategy. Content mix. Content buckets. Content staples. Whatever you decide to call your social media posts, they all have to be defined one way or another.

In my previous post, I outlined the way that I view social media and why I think I’m correct in doing so (HINT: I am), but now it’s time to dive a little deeper into the steps you’ll need to take to create a solid foundation for any social media strategy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand, celebrity, athlete, startup, or a Fortune 500 company (and trust me, I’ve worked with all), a good social media strategy consists of the same basic principles. Sure, content varies, brand/voice/tone changes, but the backbone is essentially the same. If you’re looking for a guideline for a good content mix, I’ve got just the thing for you.


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The First Two Steps Towards Social Media Success

No, this isn’t an April Fools joke (although this one is definitely one of my favorites so far EDIT: There’s a new favorite in town since Hamburger Helper dropped this fire mixtape) – I really believe these two steps can get you started on your way to social media success.

In a perfect world, you should now understand (or at least, be considering that) social media should always be approached as a lifestyle play. This form of digital marketing can be tricky, and once you understand that it should be approached carefully and methodically rather than throwing to see what sticks, you can begin to take the steps necessary to create a content strategy that works for you.

Luckily, I do this often and I’m a sucker for a good process so I’ve kind of done a lot of the work for you but before we get into how to identify and group your various pieces of content, let’s take our time to do things right. Social media has the innate ability to humanize your brand, find out how to use that to your advantage.


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When It Comes to Social, It’s a Lifestyle

When it comes to social, there’s a lot more than meets the eye, which is ironic because social platforms are so visual. The uninformed will assume that social is easy, there isn’t much to it, and that you don’t need to give it much thought. That, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.


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Three Tips for a Killer Social Media Contest

I’ve never been one to partake in the lottery and it seems like nearly every contest I’ve ever joined has ended with me questioning why I even tried in the first place. But now, with the Internet booming and big brands utilizing social networks to engage their audiences, it doesn’t take much to throw your name into the digital hat for a chance to win something you really want.

Social media contests have been shown to do great things for boosting your brand’s online engagement and to increase your digital following. In a world where marketing managers are constantly questioning their social media ROIs, contests can be a great way to enhance awareness, create and discover new leads, and to boost your followings across all your digital platforms.

Discussed below are some of the things to keep in mind when creating, running, and maintaining a social media contest of your own. If you’re all about online digital dominance for your brand, contests are a great way to get things moving. (more…)


Three Reasons Why Vine Matters (Agencies, Listen Up)

A lot of people are still unsure what to make of Twitter’s Vine app that was launched earlier this year but it’s alright to be confused. The fact of the matter is, Vine’s going places whether or not you find yourself creating and posting 6-second videos of your own and advertisers and agencies should be taking notice.

With the launch of the Vine app for Android this past week the user base is expected to grow exponentially. Why you ask? Well, aside from the obvious reason that now Android users will be able to get in on the 6-second action, Vine differs from other social networks in a variety of ways.


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Life Is a Highway and Tehama Group a Pit Stop

In 1991, heartland rock artist (and yes, apparently that’s a genre of music) Tom Cochrane released a song entitled “Life Is a Highway” which peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Top 100 in 1992. This track was Cochrane’s most famous and most successful, which happens to kind of suck for him looking back in retrospect since Rascal Flatts (defined as “Country Rock” artists, guess the heartland thing wasn’t cutting it) covered this track and it out performed Cochrane’s version by placing 18 on US Country Songs Billboard, 7 on US Billboard Top 100, and 9 on US Billboard Pop 100, all in the year 2006.

I’ll admit it – I’m not a big country music fan. It’s never really been my thing, but when I was little my dad would play these twangy, country CD’s he’d buy at the now-defunct Boarders Bookstore in Thousand Oaks. We’d sing along together and annoy my mother, which was fun at the time, so perhaps I am a little partial to the genre.

I’m also partial to Pixar Disney movies, and if you’re familiar with Rascal Flatts and their rendition of “Life Is A Highway” you’ll immediately know where I’m going with this: The movie Cars. It was because of this movie that Rascal Flatts covered Cochrane’s most successful track and it’s because of this movie that I am familiar with the tune (I was only four in 1992 and didn’t know the joys of “heartland rock” quite yet).

The track, which is highly infectious and dangerously catchy, contains a chorus full of as much wisdom as simplicity:

“Life is a highway and I want to ride it all night long.”

Simple. Elementary. Basic. And Extremely Relevant.

My life? A highway. My journey through education? A highway. Chico State, Tehama Group Communications and everything which came before and are to come after are merely pit stops along a much longer road to happiness and success. A road that one can arguably say never ends but only gets straighter and more defined as the wheels keep turning.



Hootsuite University – The Final Verdict

Alright, I’m not going say that getting the Hootsuite Certification was completely pointless because it wasn’t. I learned a lot of cool things about the social listening platform that I didn’t know about before. I’ll admit, the beginning can seem somewhat long, boring and repetitive. If social media and social media marketing aren’t new concepts to you, the time spent explaining social networking and its perks for businesses will really seem dull. However, if social networking isn’t your forte and you’re looking for a good place to learn the ins and outs of social networking and then looking for a practical way to go about implementing a social networking campaign, Hootsuite Certification is absolutely for you.

As I said in my previous post, I would have never paid for the cost of Hootsuite Pro plus the additional $21 dollars to join the university, but lucky for me sent out an email to give me a free 60-day trial. I had been familiar with the Hootsuite platform before, having seen it being used at my previous job Fanscape Inc. and being familiar with TweetDeck (social monitoring by twitter – RIP) and Seesmic (now happily merged with Hootsuite) . Hootsuit always stood out as the leader in terms of social monitoring, analyzing and utilization and after taking the online courses it clear why – they do a damn good job at it.


The Magic of WordPress

I seriously can’t stress this enough: I love WordPress.

This should really come as no surprise, since I run multiple websites off of the WordPress content management system (CMS). Notice how I say “websites” because the WordPress CMS is so much more then just a blogging platform – it can be used for designing everything from an online store, to a stunningly beautiful work/art portfolio, to an awesome CSS-based personal website or vCard. The glory of the WordPress back end is that it makes you look like you’re this rock star designer within minutes.

I’m not sure if you could qualify this as a rant, or just merely a bit of my advice when it comes to creating a free website/basic website online. I am by no means a “web designer” and I don’t claim to be, but WordPress and the WordPress CMS has helped me to have a strong presence online, and the knowledge of the platform and how it works has really given me an advantage.


HootSuite University – The Training Begins

Recently I received an email from offering me a free 60-days of HootSuite Pro and a chance to take classes to become a certified HootSuite professional. It’s an interesting concept, and I decided that I would take the opportunity to learn all I could about the platform. I have been using HootSuite for a little while now, but as I started taking the courses I really began to see just how useful of a tool it can be.

The 60-day trial should be enough time for me to get certification, and I’m anxious to see how its ultimately going to turn out. I figure that upon my completion of the courses, I’ll write up some sort of review about the experience. Whether or not to spend money on a service like this begs an interesting question, and I would have never personally paid for the opportunity to do it (at least not now), but with the chance to try it free I’m interested to see what can become of it.


I appreciate you taking the time to look over my work history. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about myself or my work.

Phone: 818.264.6121

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