What an Opportunity

Some of my greatest writing comes when I can sit back and just type freely. Journalism is a major fraught with rules, full of structure and often times, most of the content you create is at the request of someone else on a topic you might be less than interested in.

It’s always a refreshing change to really sit back and be able to write for myself – every keystroke or pen mark reminding me of why I fell in love with this major in the first place; I love to write.

When I initially came to join Tehama Group Communications this past August, part of the entry application required you to write a feature story about yourself in the third person. This isn’t something that comes naturally but it quickly became an extremely rewarding experience that shed new light on my love for public relations.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to tell stories. I love words and the way that they can convey emotion and meaning. The love that I have for written communication has only grown through my experiences here at TGC, and has been fostered and more perfectly honed by the friends I’ve now come to know so well.

Although the overall job market has seen some increase within the past year, my hometown of Los Angeles is still currently ranked 48 out of 50 according to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and reported by Indeed.com. This news is troubling to me because I’ve always planned on heading back down south once I graduate, diploma in hand ready to work at an agency and blow away minds with the vast knowledge I’ve come to know by going through Chico State’s amazing program.

And here is where I praise TGC yet again, for the experience I’ve gained by being part of this amazing team of young professionals easily equates the countless hours and time spent in a traditional classroom environment.

It’s no secret that internship opportunities help you get a job, and I am thankful every time I step into the TGC office that I had a chance to get such a wonderful one. With the job market the way it currently is, I feel that having this experience once I graduate really helps to set me apart from the competition.

This post comes in the wake of me recently being accepted back for a second semester at the agency. I’m elated that once again, I will have the opportunity to surround myself with motivated students who share the same crazy love for writing that I do. Once again, I will have an opportunity to further grow as a student and as a PR practitioner.

Thanks, TGC!

(Originally written for Tehama Group Communication Blog)

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