Twitter for Schools – It’s a Good Idea

I thought I’d take a moment to briefly share something I’ve been researching lately that I think is pretty important. As the world moves more towards an increasingly digital age where social media plays an intergal role in our lives, it becomes even more important for all companies to find a home within the various different networks – even schools.

It comes as no surprise that Chico State has a presence on twitter (@chicostate) and different school entities (student newspaper @theorion, Tehama Group @TehamaGroup) have their own place as well, but what about high schools and elementary schools?

They need it too.

Twitter is a little different from other social networking communities in that it allows for a form of one-way communication between school and students, faculty, parents and anyone else who wants to follow along.

While Twitter is beginning to catch on with many educators, schools are lagging in their adoption of the platform. Twitter is a quick and easy tool to let the entire school community know what is going on with you and your students. Updates can come from anywhere and users don’t have to have a Twitter account to follow along.

These are all good things for a school that is trying to stay connected with their audiences through a digital environment.

Twitter has an active user base of over 200 million, and you can bet that most students have one. Twitter can be integrated as part of a larger social media strategy or simply stand on its own, with the possibilities of posting the schools feed on the Paradise eLearning website!

Use the beginning time of the account to post things to populate your feed:

  • Upcoming deadline information
  • Upcoming sports events
  • School information
  • Other activities

Here is a link for more information about 21 different ways schools can use Twitter. This particular article highlights “independent” schools, but the list is just as relevant to the Paradise eLearning Charter school and has some great ideas.

In a nutshell, Twitter will provide you with an easy, streamlined way to communicate with your students and the public in a simple, easy, 140-characters-or-less way. Short and to the point, great for schools looking to reach a larger digital audience and extremely inexpensive to use.

Once the account has been setup, you can go a head and use a management program like HootSuite or TweetDeck to really begin integrating the account into the normal marketing strategy of your business (or your school)!


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