The Magic of WordPress

I seriously can’t stress this enough: I love WordPress.

This should really come as no surprise, since I run multiple websites off of the WordPress content management system (CMS). Notice how I say “websites” because the WordPress CMS is so much more then just a blogging platform – it can be used for designing everything from an online store, to a stunningly beautiful work/art portfolio, to an awesome CSS-based personal website or vCard. The glory of the WordPress back end is that it makes you look like you’re this rock star designer within minutes.

I’m not sure if you could qualify this as a rant, or just merely a bit of my advice when it comes to creating a free website/basic website online. I am by no means a “web designer” and I don’t claim to be, but WordPress and the WordPress CMS has helped me to have a strong presence online, and the knowledge of the platform and how it works has really given me an advantage.

Stay Away From Wix
I know. I know it’s real tempting, but do yourself a favor and steer clear away from Wix. Wix (and believe me, I know there’s more out there, Wix is just constantly on my mind) seems to be the go-to simple website creation platform that nearly everyone at my college likes to use for their online portfolios. I get it. I understand why. It’s simple, and look at the site you can make.

Well that’s great and all, if it wasn’t just so all overdone. It’s easy to spot a Wix site…a little harder to spot a WordPress one (unless you know where to look). The beauty of the WordPress CMS is the truly endless possibilities of the platform. WordPress will host your blog at, and if you really want to unlock the possibilities, simple hosting providers such as Dreamhost and Hostgator allow simple one-click WordPress CMS installations.

Plenty of Free Themes/You Get What You Pay For
Take note of this website: It’s like a treasure trove of beautiful WordPress themes.

Here you’ll see tons of themes: WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Flash – you can see the WordPress themes are identical to the independently coded sites. It’s the beauty of having what appears to be a custom designed website wight the ease and total back-end support of the system that is WordPress.

Of course Themeforest isn’t the only theme site out there. Some offer you unlimited themes for one price unlike Themeforest where you typically pay per download (once bought you own forever though). It’s up to you which method you prefer. is part of a larger group of sites, however, and offer great, uniquely tailored yet cohesive styles across all their different design-based sites.

This website, my blog, Tehama Group’s website…all made with WordPress. And they very so differently in layout, content and style that it’s hard to tell. I’m a die-hard believer in the WordPress CMS and I think that everyone should at least learn how to manage sites with it. Tons of different agencies, businesses (like my Dad’s company here)…ALL WORDPRESS. You’d be surprised…

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