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Hootsuite University – The Final Verdict

Alright, I’m not going say that getting the Hootsuite Certification was completely pointless because it wasn’t. I learned a lot of cool things about the social listening platform that I didn’t know about before. I’ll admit, the beginning can seem somewhat long, boring and repetitive. If social media and social media marketing aren’t new concepts to you, the time spent explaining social networking and its perks for businesses will really seem dull. However, if social networking isn’t your forte and you’re looking for a good place to learn the ins and outs of social networking and then looking for a practical way to go about implementing a social networking campaign, Hootsuite Certification is absolutely for you.

As I said in my previous post, I would have never paid for the cost of Hootsuite Pro plus the additional $21 dollars to join the university, but lucky for me Internships.com sent out an email to give me a free 60-day trial. I had been familiar with the Hootsuite platform before, having seen it being used at my previous job Fanscape Inc. and being familiar with TweetDeck (social monitoring by twitter – RIP) and Seesmic (now happily merged with Hootsuite) . Hootsuit always stood out as the leader in terms of social monitoring, analyzing and utilization and after taking the online courses it clear why – they do a damn good job at it.

Now this isn’t a review about the Hootsuite platform itself – I’m assuming you’re already pretty familiar with WHAT Hootsuite is if you’re caring enough to read this far. This post is more about my opinion on the Hootsuite certification and whether or not I think it’s worth the cost, albeit minimal, to receive this particular accolade.

Being a so-to-be college graduate, I’m looking for anything and everything I can do to set my resume and skill set apart from others. I can, by near certainty, guarantee that no one else graduating from my college and my major will be Hootsuite certified. Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“But Jon, if no one knows what a ‘Hootsuite Certification’ is, why does it really matter?”

We’ll, I’ll tell you why. Because TONS of EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL brands and businesses use the Hootsuite platform! Duh! It’s kind of like taking a course on Excel or Powerpoint. You are now able to jump on board with a company and manage their social properties the way Hootsuite intended you to. For me, this was worth it at the cost of free, but I’m not entirely certain it would be to pay for it.

In the end, it can’t hurt, so if you’ve got the money to pay for it, it would be nice to get to know some of those lesser well-known tricks and strategies hidden within the depths of the program. They also offer you tons of additional information about social media and social media marketing via their lecture series narrated by some of the top players in the industry (think TED Talks but for social media). That alone might almost be more beneficial to you then the actual university.

VERDICT: Worth it for free. Worth it if you can afford it. If you can’t, there’s not real loss as there’s tons of information about social media and how to use Hootsuite available online. You really are just paying for Hootsuite to certify you.

For more information, check out this extremely brief write up here.

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