Fingers Crossed for TGC

Chico State has one of the best Public Relations and Journalism departments on the West Coast. With that being said, my course schedule for next year has officially been approved, and my senior year is looking better then ever.

A week from today, Tehema Group Communications will open its doors to prospective new members for the fall term, and I hope to make my way on to the elite team. For those of you who don’t know, Tehema Group Communications (TGC) is the student run, student staffed, on-campus public relations firm at Chico State. It’s highly competitive, and highly selective, but I’ve been told I have a good shot at snaking my way on to the team. Score.

It’s just one more thing that sets me apart from the competition. If I make it on to the TGC team for the fall 2012 semester, you can expect me to be back spring 2013 as an account manager or something else. Manage, manage, manage. Win, win, win.

Make sure to take a look at TGC here — they do some serious work.

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